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Revolution 500SC

Revolution 427



Developed from a Ford-based V6 3.7 litre unit, the Revolution A-One engine has proven reliability to match its high-end performance. Tuned and prepared for high-energy track work, the power unit is of the many highlights of this car, with a large torque spread and an epic soundtrack.It also has the reliability, easy servicing and long refresh intervals that the trackday driver and owner/racer requires with 10,000kms for the 427. 


Mated to the engine is a bespoke 6-speed paddleshift gearbox built by 3MO with lightning fast up-shifts and perfectly blipped down-shifts. It’s casing is loadbearing, with the suspension mounted directly onto it. 


The FIA approved carbon safety cell is both reassuringly strong and spacious enough to fit the largest of drivers and passengers. 

It is created by an infusion process developed by DDComposites that keeps the manufacturing costs low but the quality high. It’s also fitted with the world´s first double halo system ensuring the highest levels of occupant protection. 


Double-wishbones meet inboard dampers and adjustable anti-roll bars front and rear. The dampers are three-way adjustable and have been developed specifically for the A-One.It will out-handle anything in its class and has been described by very experienced pro-drivers as the best car they’ve ever driven.To reduce running costs and spares requirements, components such as the uprights and rockers are identical at each corner. 


The Revolution F1-style steering wheel is a piece of art.Manufactured in carbon, the steering wheel features multiple push and rotary buttons for easy control of engine performance, traction control and brake bias, with ideally placed buttons for comms, the pitlane speed limiter, data markers and many more.The wheel centre displays all the required driving information in multiple formats to match every driver´s preferences. Full downloadable video data analysis is also available.