Elvis Stojko dropped by CP24 Breakfast TV this morning to chat about his adrenaline-fueled adventures in his new Revolution Racecar.

From racing Revolution Race Cars to discussing the Stars on Ice tour, training routines, recovery periods and his love for motorsport, its an engaging insight into the world of Elvis Stojko.

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Elvis Stojko's venture to become a winning Prototype Driver in 1 year! 

Partnering with Jonathan Woolridge was one of our highlights in 2023.

Jonathan Woolridge is a very talented young professional driver and a rising star in the canadian pro driver field. He is the 2022 FEL ERCC champion and has proven himself a strong winning LMP3 driver.

Jonathan has been key coach for our gentleman driver in 2023 and test driver for our Revolution Racecars.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with JWR.

Bruno has competed in several series along the years. From karting at a very young age, he has driven race cars at many levels of motorsport, including Formula Atlantic, International Formula 3000 and ROLEX SPORT PROTOTYPES. Having won several honors, Bruno is part of Canada's and North America's racer elite!

Bruno has shown his talent by setting the record for Revolution 427 around CTMP. He won Quali and both races with a comfortable margin. His outstanding pace throughout both races allowed him to back off for the majority of the races. Working with Bruno created unforgettable memories in the Rilli Racing history book. 

Alan Shaw is a long time customer and gentleman driver of Rilli Racing Inc.

He is an true example that your age does not prevent you from being fast and successful on track. 

Alan finds himself frequently on the Podium and gives the young racer a good battle each race. 

Head of Sales and Marketing - Revolution Racecars

Nigel has always had a passion for Motorsport, having competed for 5 seasons across Formula Ford, Radical and British GT in the noughties.  

In fact, Nigel secured the Radical Enduro Championship in 2006, taking 11 poles, 6 fastest laps, 14 podiums, and 11 race wins in that season.  

In 2023 he joined Revolution Racecars as Head of Sales and Marketing